Institutional Client Services: As a Public or Government plan trustee, by working with Joshua Tree Investments and CSSC Investment Advisory Services, Inc. you can be assured that you are working with people who have implemented cutting-edge investment strategies with the public sector before. As an institutional client you can receive: o ‘Second Opinions’ of existing plans or recommendations available on a case-by-case basis; o Forensic Consulting; o Investment Policy Statement Design; o Request for Proposal (RFP) consultation, review, and design; o We give you access to a prudent process for selecting and monitoring investment options; o Trustee education workshops; o Qualitative due diligence study of investment managers, which may include on-site diligence visits; o Assistance with asset Transition Management; o Assistance with sub-advisory contracts; o For qualified institutional clients (with $10 million under management) we also offer our performance-based pricing option.  Within this pricing option we only are paid our advisory fee if the investment performance of the portfolio outperforms the composite benchmark indices.