About Us Joshua Tree Investment is a financial advisory firm distinguished by its vision to create a better financial world for clients. BACKGROUND Consulting Services Support Corporation is a privately-held corporation, founded on  January 22, 1998 by a team of professional consultants with a wealth of combined legal, technological, and financial advisory experience.  Through, CSSC Investment Advisory Services, Inc., its wholly owned Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) subsidiary, and through a growing, nationwide network of affiliates, such as Joshua Tree Investments, CSSC is introducing a new and fundamentally different investment consulting process.  CSSC Investment Advisory Services, Inc., along with its affiliates, manages approximately $400 million in assets. TECHNOLOGY Utilizing CSSC’s proprietary and patented Decision-Assistance Technology, this advisory model enables investors of all types to optimize investment manager selection and performance monitoring in a way never before possible – with full transparency, objectivity, and free of behind-the-scenes deals, relationships, and other influences that have too often adversely affected investment performance.   INDEPENDENCE This model requires that CSSC have no relationships with any investment management or mutual fund firms and that its investment advisory process be driven exclusively by the client’s investment needs and goals (free of the influence of any such firms and the ‘incentives’ they employ).  This allows clients to make fully informed and defendable manager selection, as well as retention and termination, decisions from among the broadest universes of available, qualified investment managers and mutual funds – and, in the process, also gives clients an enhanced level of understanding and control of the investment selection and performance monitoring processes. About Our Support Team Back More